Sunday, March 13, 2016

Jake Mitchell (Jake Plays): Sims 4 Random Video Episode 2

I have been in love with Sims 4 videos so I went and found another. For this random video I searched Jake M and thought of a last name that begins with m- Mitchell I thought so then I searched Jake Mitchell Sims 4 and here we go!

Hope you enjoyed this video and post see you guys next time!!

Sienna xx

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nick Dominates Sims 4: Random Video

Hey guys what is going on? Today I am going to be trying out a new series called 'Random Video' where I type in random words on Youtube and see what comes up. I searched NickD and it came up with someone called NickDominates so I took a look at his videos and he plays dun dun dun... Sims 4 so I decided to post one of his videos. So here we go!

I reckon it is an awesome video so I will make a tab of NickDominates I think. Remember to comment some videos that you want to see and you could be the lucky winner of your video suggestions!
Hope you enjoyed!
Sienna xx

Friday, March 11, 2016

About me

I am just your average 10 year old who loves sports and hanging with friends! This will be like my online diary where I will talk about gossip, my secrets and even my day to day life. I will post videos and posts about what happens in my life!

This blog will be going on for as long as I live and will get more interesting as life goes on. I will post videos of me and of other gaming, life-style and etc videos. I will post things every day or every week depending on the fun things that happen!

Hope you enjoy my inspiring and creative blog xx